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Dive the Coast, and raise funds for its support.




Dive the Coast is an organization dedicated to organizing a relay dive down the California coastline, raising money for conservation organizations along the way. Each of the fifteen coastal counties will organize its own relay divers. In order to keep the money local, each county will decide on a deserving organization to benefit from their fundraising efforts.

Spokesperson Kim White contacted Coastwalk for help in getting the word out to divers along the coast.  "A group of scuba divers here in Santa Cruz has come up with what an idea that's generating a lot of support up and down the state.   We're organizing a plan to dive the entire coast - as much as possible, anyway - to bring divers together for a common goal, as well as to raise funds for ocean-conservation organizations.  As kind of a test run - important, since no one we know has ever done a long-distance dive and we need to figure out logistics - we're organizing a group of divers to go the roughly 22 nautical miles from Santa Cruz to Monterey on October 15.  Anyone you know who might be interested should RSVP at  The crew needs to know in advance how many divers are participating so they can estimate how far to take the boat out that day.  Basically, everyone's going to get in the water at the same time and go as far as they can on one tank. On Oct. 15, they'll take that average and multiply it by the number of dive teams they have, then head that far out in the bay."


Says White, "The plan's still unfolding, and all the pieces needed to pull it off probably won't be in place until 2013. You can read more about it at California Diver magazine also has an article about it: at:"

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